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7 Unique Live Edge Furniture Ideas

7 Unique Live Edge Furniture Ideas

If you are looking for something a little more original than a live-edge table or coffee table, then this guide is for you. Live-edge furniture is here to stay, and with its ever-expanding design and functional use, you will be able to find many different kinds of live-edge furniture pieces that you can place around the home to elevate your home.

Gone are the days when you were limited to tables, doors, or shelves. Below are a few customized live edge furniture ideas that can easily transform your space and result in a vintage piece of furniture you will treasure for years.

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7 Unique Live Edge Furniture Ideas

Enhancing Your Space with Live Edge Furniture

7 Unique Live Edge Furniture Ideas

  1. Hanging Table
  2. Live Edge Corner Desk
  3. Fireplace Mantle
  4. Kitchen Island
  5. Patio Table with Drink Cooler
  6. Live Edge Bench
  7. Live Edge Headboard

Customized Live Edge Furniture Ideas


Enhancing Your Space with Live Edge Furniture

No matter what piece of furniture you decide on, small enhancements can make the difference between your piece getting lost in the room and standing out. Solid-colored vases and accents that do not take away from the details of your table can go a long way toward making your live-edge table the centerpiece of the room.

What you place under your furniture can also bring out certain features of the live edge coffee and center tables. The color of the throw rug and its design can either take away from your table or create more focus on the table. Try to pick throws that are made of natural fibers like jute, seagrass, or cotton. Match the shape of the rug with the shape of your table.


7 Unique Live Edge Furniture Ideas

If you are looking for more than a traditional live-edge dining table or coffee table, we have 7 unique live-edge furniture pieces that will up the stylistic aura of your room. 

1.  Hanging Table

This is an innovative way to introduce a live-edge rustic edge to a room that might not have space for a coffee table or console. A hanging table next to the bed can be the perfect solution when space is an issue in smaller bedrooms. A beautiful live-edge on the hanging table can become the focal point of the bedroom and also a great space saver.

2.  Live Edge Corner Desk

live edge corner desk

If you are looking for a corner desk with rustic vibes, then this live-edge corner desk is the perfect addition to any bedroom or study. The desk not only fits neatly into the corner but also exudes the kind of homely and welcoming feeling that you would want any desk to have. Its character and features will not only serve as the focal point of the room but will also create a functional and comfortable working environment.

3.  Fireplace Mantle

The fireplace mantle is the perfect place to showcase a beautiful live edge. This piece will fit perfectly over any fireplace and create the vintage and rustic feel you are going for when designing your family or den. Throw in a warm run and a few blankets, and you will have the perfect cozy corner for next week's game night.

4.  Kitchen Island

 kitchen island live edge

The kitchen is a great place to add a live edge. This kitchen live edge island not only serves as an excellent space for kitchen tasks but also has drawers that can be used for extra storage space. Kitchen islands or countertops use food-grade finishes that are safe for kitchen appliances and food items.

5.  Patio Table with Drink Cooler

Why not introduce a live edge to your patio with this nifty patio table and built-in wine cooler area? This table will serve as a gathering point for friends and family members during evening BBQs and can also cool refreshments. The built-in ice bucket can hold several drinks, so everyone has something cool to drink!

6.  Live Edge Bench

Live-edge benches are the perfect accessory for entranceways or even at the foot of the bed. Add some funky-colored hairpin legs, and you have a piece of art. When used correctly, the bench will not only liven up the room but also serve as a centering piece.

7.  Live Edge Headboard

Though relatively uncommon, bedroom headboards are the latest. They are not only unique but also create a rustic feel for the bedroom. Not much else is needed if you decide to go for this live-edge headboard. Sitting against the wall, the headboard can be designed and finished in various colors to match other décor in the bedroom.

Customized Live Edge Furniture Ideas

With so many different ways that live-edge wood furniture can be used, now is the time to turn your dream into a reality. If you are looking for something unique and customized to fit your size specifications and requirements, Chicago Makers Studio has you covered.

We take pride in never turning down a project and going the extra mile to ensure that every customer is happy with their unique customized item.

To purchase tailor-made live edge furniture ideas, visit our site and contact us. We are a locally owned business dedicated to ensuring every one of our customers is happy with their product.

Tel: 312-835-3397


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