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5 Tips on Using and Styling Your Live Edge Shelves

5 Tips on Using and Styling Your Live Edge Shelves

 Black Walnut Solid Floating Mantle



Floating live edge shelves not only create an essential space for you to showcase curated unique items but also liven up any wall around your home. When ordering live edge shelves for sale, you want to ensure you get the dimensions right and know the shelf capacity so you only place items within that weight limit.

Also, knowing what kind of wood you would like to use and what color finish you want is essential and helpful when choosing your shelves. Woods can vary from Maple, Oak, and Walnut.

Lastly, knowing where you want to put your shelves is essential and should be decided beforehand. Most brackets can be placed in any room on any wall, but it is necessary to know what is going on behind the drywall.

So whether you are buying from a manufacturer or learning how to make live edge shelves, pre-planning is always essential.

Let us look at how to style your live edge shelves to enhance your home's beauty.


5 Live Edge Shelf Uses and Styling Tips


1.  Adds Character to Blank Spaces

kitchen live edge shelves

Floating shelves are best used on those walls where only a little is happening. They bring character and uniqueness to a wall uncluttered with other items. The best way to decide if a shelf is needed is to ask yourself if the wall looks dull. Adding a piece of nature will not only add beauty to the room but will also provide a focal point for visitors.  


2.  Great Alternative to Bulky Bookshelves

live edge shelves with decor pieces

Live edge shelves provide a great alternative to bulky bookshelves, especially if you do not have enough room for them. Using your wall without having bulky furniture is a great way to display your beautiful set of books. As mentioned earlier, it is always important to know the weight capacity of your shelves before installing them. If you are placing books, your brackets must be able to hold their weight.


3.  Perfect to Display Kitchen and Artistic Crockery

kitchen live edge shelves

Need a place to display that antique crockery item your grandmother gifted you? Or that expensive china set that you just spent your life savings on? Floating shelves are perfect because they adequately showcase the pieces and fill up that dull blank wall space in your kitchen. It also provides an excellent substitute for cabinets, making your kitchen manageable.



4.  Include Negative Space

Remembering symmetry and negative space is essential when installing your live edge shelves floating. You want to make sure that you do not clutter your wall. When placing items on the shelves, please keep space between them and choose different things so it does not seem repetitive.


5.  Living Room Matching Mantle

living room matching mantle

Consider a matching floating mantle when choosing your TV console. The mantle will not only provide you room to display artistic items, but it will also give you space to display seasonal items like stockings, etc. If your living room is larger than required, consider turning part of it into a home office. Place a few floating shelves and a desk, and you can use the extra space in a more practical way.


6.  Bathroom Corners and Empty Spaces

bathroom floating shelves vanity

Bathroom corners may seem dull and empty. Using live edge shelves to fill them up is a great way to bring character to large open spaces. Bathrooms are tough to style if they are too small or too big. Shelves make a great addition to the room when you want to add some artificial plants or ceramic items or even make space for shampoo bottles and toiletries. Consider placing a floating shelf under the sink, like in the picture.


What to Remember

Your living space is something personal and unique to you and your family. It is always important to know what you want before you place or order and be clear on what you are ordering. This will not only help the manufacturer but will also lead to no surprises on your end. Looking at samples of shelves in rooms and homes where the shelves have been placed is a great way to see what the live edge shelves will look like.

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