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5 Trendy Live Edge Table Ideas for Your Home

5 Trendy Live Edge Table Ideas for Your Home


table made from black walnut and used as a coffee table.


Live edge tables are all the rage and have been trending for years. If you love the look and want to know how to incorporate the natural-looking piece into your home furniture, this guide is perfect for you. In other words we will not only provide five essential trendy table tops you can use throughout your house, but we will also give you the lowdown on what constitutes a live edge table.



What is a Live Edge Table?

A live edge is a table with a natural edge. Therefore, this means that the sides of the table are left untouched and has a raw edge. You can see the tree's beauty by looking at the table, and it presents a rustic feel to the piece of furniture that can practically be used for any table design. For instance, there are dining tables, coffee tables, consoles, and even live edge bedroom furniture.

Keeping the above in mind let’s look at the latest trends in tables for your home.

The Latest Live Edge Trends for 2023

1.  Spalted Maple Dining Table

spalted maple live edge table

The Spalted Maple  table, is a dining table made from Maple that has been left to decay. The term 'Spalted' refers to the initial decaying stages of the Maple slab. The table, attacked by fungus, creates different colors and streaks, providing unique and beautiful impressions. Although the thought of fungus on your table may not seem very appetizing, it has no impact on the use of the table and is one of the most desirable kinds of wood. This table can also be hand made in a round table design.


2.  Spalted Maple Black Epoxy Dining Table

live edge river epoxy table

The trend of live edge furniture is rapidly embracing epoxy tables, especially the black epoxy, which creates a contrasting effect with the wooden color. Skilled artisans carefully pour the epoxy into the center of the table's natural grain, handcrafting a stunning masterpiece. You can choose from a variety of colors to achieve your desired look.

3.  Claro Walnut Table with Bench
claro live edge dining table with bench

A table with a bench is always one of those pieces everyone needs in their home. With kids, multiple guests, and a shortage of space, a bench with a dining table is a great way to save some extra square feet. In addition, why not add a more rustic and natural feel to your dining table by placing it with a live edge bench? With so many designs for table pieces, you can create almost anything you want. Book-matched, multi-plank, or single-slab are all excellent choices for tops.

4.  Console Table for Entryway or Foyer


sleek walnut console



Your entrance or foyer is great for showcasing a beautiful live edge console. The entryway table will be a great focal point for visitors who enter your home. Place a few exciting pieces on top, and you are set. The table legs are essential for this kind of table, as they will be visible and an important part of the piece. U-shaped raw steel legs finished in black, chrome, stainless steel and many other finishes are available.


5.  Coffee Table with River Glass

live edge coffee table with glass

Glass and wood are a beautiful combination. But fitting a colored piece of glass with a live edge table takes furniture to a different dimension. This is an excellent accent to a dining table that can transform the room into an elegant dining area. These kinds of tables are often known as river glass tables since the glass resembles a river of water running through the table.


The Verdict 

In conclusion,  with so many choices, designs, and rooms you can incorporate live edge pieces in, the possibilities are endless. The one thing to remember is that you table should be the focal piece in the room.

It is important to remember, adding too many items around the table will clutter its beauty and remove its natural feel. Keeping this in mind will ensure your piece is placed in a manner that does it justice.

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