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Latest Trends in Live Edge Furniture

Latest Trends in Live Edge Furniture

Live Edge Dining Table Metal Waterfall


Knowing the latest live wood furniture trends is essential when shopping around for furniture and when trying to choose the latest pieces that will make your home or office aesthetically pleasant.

This guide will give you the latest live-edge furniture trends and what you should be looking for when shopping for pieces. Whether it is an entryway table or a live-edge dining table, this guide explains it all.


Contemporary vs. Rustic

Contemporary live edge furniture trends are something more recently seen. Live wood furniture was initially introduced, where pieces were more rustic and organic in look and feel. Now with trends taking a turn for more modern looks in 2023, many pieces are adopting a more sleek and contemporary look.

You can find dining tables and coffee tables having modern or contemporary accents that change the entire look of the piece. Customers found that they loved the look of live edge furniture but may not appreciate its rustic or rough look.

With epoxies, metal legs, and more sleek corners, pieces that once looked old-fashioned are now contemporary elegant art pieces.


Modern Accents

Adding contemporary accents like metal legs can create modern pieces that complement current interior décor trends. Darker finishes and epoxy accents in bright colors can take an ordinary rustic piece of live-edge furniture and make it stylish.

Metal is in and has been a hot trend in the furniture industry for years. Make sure to add metal accents to your live edge furniture to break up the organic wooden look and bring a hit of modernity. Legs, metal edges, and chairs are all simple additions you can make. Or try something more dramatic; this table with a metal waterfall is unique and a piece of art.

Black is a very sheik and modern color that can be added to your live edge table in the form of epoxy. Check out some epoxy tables that are perfect for a boardroom or conference room. Using a hint of black is a trick interior decorators use.


Pieces that Exude Sleekness

Are you looking for pieces that make your home or office look more modern and sleek? Pick pieces that have straight edges and darker finishes. Pair with metal chairs to create a contemporary feel for the room.

Walnut is a great wood to choose from because it is dark and has a good grain texture for modern pieces. Straight-line benches are also a great choice if you want to add a bench to your dining table. You can keep the live edge and ensure the other edge is straight.


Is Live Edge Wood Furniture Timeless?

Live edge furniture is here to stay. With so many different kinds of variations within live edge wood furniture, the possibilities are limitless. You can now change the stain, types of legs, and shape of the live edge to fit any requirement you need for your home or office.

Because live edge wood furniture can only be manufactured after a while and needs years to dry, the demand seems never-ending. Wooden furniture is something that customers have demanded ages, and even if live edge wood furniture trends were to fade, you could re-purpose your tables into straight rectangular shapes. But the beauty of the live edge has people hooked.


Takeaways from Latest Trends

To summarize, looking for live-edge furniture that is both modern and solid is no easy task. You will want to make sure you purchase from a reliable live-edge furniture dealer with experience in seasoning the wood and expert artisanship.

Chicago Makers Studio has many contemporary pieces that are perfect for your modern home. Please look at our console tables and dining tables to find a design that may fit your requirements.

If you are still looking for something perfect for you, we custom-make designs to your size and style preferences. Just drop us a line and let us know what you need!


To purchase these beautiful pieces and see more live-edge furniture, visit our site.


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