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What are the Pros and Cons of Buying Custom Furniture

What are the Pros and Cons of Buying Custom Furniture?

If you are like most, when purchasing furniture, you want to make a good decision about a quality product. Custom furniture is often more expensive than standard off-the-shelf items since a lot of time, labor, and high-quality materials are put into making an excellent furniture item.

Knowing if this kind of investment is worth it is often a dilemma for furniture buyers. They want a good quality furniture piece but are still determining if they should opt for a customized piece or buy one from a standard furniture outlet.

This guide will give you both sides of the story when buying custom furniture, what you should consider when purchasing customized furniture, and where you can buy custom furniture.


Pros of Investing in Custom Furniture  

The most significant advantage of buying custom wood furniture is that you can size it exactly to your requirements. In the case of live edge shelves, customers often need exact measurements for the shelves to fit specific spaces.

A custom furniture outlet will be able to fulfill that request. The other advantage of investing in custom furniture is that you can design and create any pieces in partnership with the custom furniture maker. If you have a vision in mind, translate that into reality by explaining it to a custom furniture outlet.

You will not have to compromise on color, design, size, or any accent of the piece. Another advantage of getting tailor-made furniture made is you can create a budget and stay within that budget. A custom furniture maker will be able to price out variations in the piece to fit your budget, while commercial outlets are unable to do that.

Con’s of Purchasing Custom Furniture

The real and only con of custom furniture is the time constraint. If you are short of time, often a tailor-made furniture item will not be able to be made. You will need to place your order months in advance unless the outlet has items pre-made, which could be the case with shelves.

Because custom pieces often use the highest quality of material and have to go through lengthy processes, it may take more time to get your piece. For example, live edge furniture often uses slabs of wood that have gone through an extensive drying process to ensure there is no movement in the wood. This takes months and sometimes years.

If you have enough time to place an order and can wait for the piece to arrive, this disadvantage is nothing to worry about. The anticipation of seeing the finished items you helped design makes it well worth the wait!

What You Should Consider When Buying Custom Wood Furniture

When placing an order for custom furniture, you need to consider a few things to be content and happy with your piece. If you can check the boxes on these items before you make your order, you will not only ensure that you are satisfied with the piece, but the custom furniture maker will be straightforward on precisely what you want.

Things to consider:

  • Kind of wood, materials, color, and finishes
  • Are there any additional features you can add to the piece to increase its functionality
  • The quality of the wood and the process that the furniture maker goes through to create it
  • The sizing of the piece and how it will fit in your home
  • How will the product be delivered to ensure no damage to the piece
  • The comfort of the article, especially if it is a sofa or chair

If you can answer these issues before you finalize your order, you can be assured that you will be content with the final product.

Where Can You Buy Custom Wood Furniture?

Where can I buy custom furniture near me?

You can buy custom furniture pieces from various outlets in your neighborhood, and most are local and individually owned businesses. This is the great thing about custom wood furniture, not only will you receive a beautiful item, but you will also be supporting your local community and entrepreneurs.

The Ruling 

Looking at the pros and cons, custom-made furniture is the way to go. You can create personalized pieces that fit your budget and style. Give yourself enough cushion to order the piece, and you will receive an item you can cherish for years.

To purchase tailor-made live edge pieces, visit our site and contact us. We are a local Chicago business dedicated to ensuring every one of our customers is happy with their product.


To order custom live edge furniture pieces, contact us:


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  • I’m happy to have found your page since my son has been asking about bespoke wood patio furniture. It would be wiser to take the wood, materials, color, and finishes into account before making a purchase, as you have indicated. I’ll make sure he remembers this and looks into experts who can assist him in purchasing one.

    Victoria Addington on

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