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Kinds of Live Edge Furniture Extension Tables

When looking at tables and live edge furniture, buyers are often encouraged to buy those that have extensions because they can be used for larger gatherings where more seating is required. The likeability of tables that have leaves or that extend is that they can return to a standard size when needed.

Most furniture buyers are unaware of the different kinds of extendable tables, except the classic leaf one, which almost everyone is familiar with. This kind of table has a leaf that can be removed and put back in, extending its length. However, other kinds of extensions can be used for all kinds of tables and are not limited to dining tables. If you are looking for extended tables, you have come to the right place!

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Kinds of Live Edge Furniture Extension Tables

4 Kinds of Extendable Tables

  1. Classic Table Leaves
  2. Stow Leaf Tables
  3. Butterfly Leaf Tables
  4. Drop Leaf Tables

What Shape for Extendable Tables?

Live Edge Furniture Tables

4 Kinds of Extendable Tables

The kind of extendable table you choose will depend on the kind of table you are ordering and how it will be used. Some extendable tables are easier to open and extend, while others may require two people to do it. This should be kept in mind in addition to how many people you need the table for. Broadly extendable tables can be divided into four main categories.

1.  Classic Table Leaves

Classic table leaves are usually between 12 and 14 inches in width and are usually for tables with a pedestal base. They are perfect for large gatherings, and in some cases, tables can have up to 14 leaves if required. Classic table extensions can be made of wooden sliders, metal slides, and ball bearings. This refers to the mechanism by which the individual leaves are removed and put back in.

2.  Stow Leaf Tables

Stow-leaf tables are similar to classic table leaves, but as the name suggests, the leaf can be stored inside the table. This helps and is often preferred by buyers because they usually do not have any extra space to store the leaf. Make sure to ask your vendor where the leaf will be stored and have them open and close the extension so you can see how it looks both ways.

3.  Butterfly Leaf Tables

As the name suggests, butterfly leaf tables consist of a butterfly extension in the middle of the table. Instead of coming out, the extension flips out from both sides, creating a butterfly effect. The advantage of a butterfly table is that one person can quickly assemble it, and it takes little effort to do it soon if you have unexpected guests arrive.

4.  Drop Leaf Tables

Drop leaf extensions are by far one of the most common extensions for smaller tables. Coffee and end tables can be fitted with drop leaf extensions that can simply be pulled up and fixed in place by mechanisms placed under the table. The drop extensions are usually at both ends of the table and are useful in areas with limited space. Drop leaf tables can be easily extended with only one person and are useful for game and center tables where sometimes more spacing is needed.

What Shape for Extendable Tables?

When looking at stores for live edge furniture near me, to start your journey of purchasing an extendable table, it is essential to know what kind of shape and size is required. There is a misconception that extendable tables can only be rectangular or square, but that is untrue. Round extendable tables that can become oval-shaped are available. This kind of table usually has a pedestal base that provides ample support for the table leaves. This also helps with legroom when more table space and seating is added. The disadvantage of round extendable tables is that the leaf cannot usually be stored on the table, so you must have space to store it. But round tables are great for rooms with limited space or corners.

Live Edge Furniture Tables

We have a wide variety of live-edge dining tables with extended leaves that can be customized. Let us know what extension you want and what table shape you prefer. We take pride in never turning down a project and going the extra mile to ensure every customer is happy with their unique customized item.

To purchase tailor-made live edge furniture near me, visit our site and contact us. We are a locally owned business dedicated to ensuring every one of our customers is happy with their product.

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