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Live Edge Wood Furniture & Kinds Live Edges

When looking to buy a live edge table or any piece of live edge wood furniture for the first time, it may seem unclear when you can't always see the live edge. This guide will explain what kind of live edge table constitutes a visible live edge and others where it may not be so visible.

Live edge tables are made from fallen logs, a sustainable way to create timeless and beautiful furniture. This environmentally friendly method treats wood slabs so that their natural curvature and grain remain visible after finishing the table.

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Live Edge Wood Furniture & Kinds Live Edge Tables

Kinds of Live Edge Tables

  1. Single Slab
  2. Book matched
  3. Multiple Plank
  4. River Epoxy Table

What grain should I choose for my Live Edge Table?

Live Edge Wood Furniture Tables


Kinds of Live Edge Tables

The curvature of the table will differ depending on what kind of table it is. In the case of a book-matched table, two slabs are placed together so that the live edges are visible towards the middle of the table while the edges are straight. Other kinds of tables have the curvature and wavy lines are at the ends, and a single slab of wood is usually used. Joined slabs, epoxy or glass are usually placed between the two slabs, creating a visually striking look. These are referred to as river or river epoxy tables and the epoxy can be in several different colors, but it is usually black.

Therefore, buyers should be aware of different kinds of live edges, whether book matched or single slab. Let's discuss the types of live edges that are available in detail.

1.  Single Slab

Single-slab live edge tables are made from one continuous slab of wood, while the edges will have the natural edges of the wood. The live edge refers to the edges of the wood that are visible on the sides, while the middle shows the tree's natural grain. Single slab tables are great for center tables, coffee tables, and consoles. The natural edges of the table give a rustic and rich texture that can provide a stunning centerpiece.

2.  Book matched

Book-matched tables are formed by joining two continuous slabs of wood, like two pages of an open book. Book matching provides the luxury of maintaining the natural curve of the table but making it more practical to use as the live edge can be towards the middle of the table. The more symmetrical the slabs, the better the table will look. Matching the grain from one slab to the other is easier when there is more symmetry, and it provides a stunning texture to the table that is often finished with oil to preserve the grain pattern.

3. Multiple Plank

Also known as multi-plank tables are made from multiple planks that form the table top. The planks are cut uniformly and put together using various techniques and materials like glue and dowels. The multiple planks give depth and texture to the table and can also be a more economical option than single slab tables. The planks that are chosen must be consistent so that the grain of the tabletop flows smoothly and uninterrupted.

4. River Epoxy Table

Live Edge Epoxy Dining Table Chicago Makers Studio

Also known as an epoxy resin table, it is made of epoxy resin. The natural edges are placed in the middle, where epoxy resin is poured to create a river of epoxy resin. Sometimes, glass is also used, and the table is known as a river glass table. The epoxy resin can sometimes have unique shells or stones placed in the middle, creating a unique piece of furniture. These can be used as coffee tables, center tables, or dining tables.


What grain should I choose for my Live Edge Wood Furniture?

The kind of grain of the table can also be a deciding factor, whether it is quilting or burling. Quilting refers to a live edge's three-dimensional grain visual texture that resembles a quilt. The grain creates a visually impactful maze of grain that creates a unique table. The live edges of the sides of the table may be curvy, irregular, or wavy, depending on the wood slab—irregular growth of the three results in this specific kind of grain structure. The texture of the grain creates a piece of furniture with depth and character that cannot be found in more traditional types of tables. The table will be finished in an oil that will allow the grain to be seen and not interfere with its visual beauty.

Burling live edge tables feature pronounced knots visible on a live edge table. This kind of live edge will be irregular and not streamlined or systematic. The edge will be wavy in some places and more straight in others, and it will not create a uniform line. It will also contain swirls and irregular grain patterns. This kind of wood is usually highly sought after because of its artistic features and customized curvatures that cannot be duplicated in any other piece of furniture. This kind of live edge is usually finished with clear oils to allow the table to showcase its natural beauty and grain.


Live Edge Wood Furniture Tables

When choosing which table is best for your home, consider choosing a vendor like Chicago Makers Studio. Chicago Makers Studio specializes in live edge tables and can custom-make any required table. Chicago Makers Studio takes pride in never turning away a customer's custom request. Please indicate what piece of furniture you are interested in and what specifications you need regarding style and size.

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